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Understanding media in the age of post-truth and trust crisis

AI in the classroom. Visual literacy, creativity and authorship

in the age of algorithm-driven media

Prompting ChatGPT May 24 Version about: Key events in the history of visual media. List examples of moral panic surrounding new (for its time) media. Explain techno-utopia, techno-panic and the techlash phenomenon. (will open ChatGPT and the concrete answers to the quoted three prompts)

Midjourney generated images after the two prompts proposed during the break-out rooms sessions:

The prompt that evoke the above four images was: Smog over the Hudson river in New York

And the one that turned into these four is: Show the impact from wild fires in Nova Scotia

and below are the „answers“ of Dall-E

Instructing Dall-E for the visual style you want it to recreate generates different results: 3D art, futuristic, water colors, photo-realistic, etc. In this case, no additional instructions about the style were given – same prompts from the Midjourney expriments